Lead Covered Copper Earthing Tape


Lead Covered Copper Earthing Tape

Lead Covered Copper Earthing Tape Application

Lead Covered Copper Earthing Tape is made of high-conductivity soft-drawn flat copper tape, in accordance with BS EN 13601 (previously BS1432-C101), completely encased within a lead sheath (Pb).

This is suitable for use within areas with extremely high soil contamination and/or petrochemical environments.

Lead-covered (Pb), high conductivity, annealed 25 x 3mm flat copper earthing tape. This kind of earthing products is suitable for a range of earthing (grounding) and lightning protection applications. Lead covered for use in highly contaminated areas.

lead covered copper tape is also known as lead covered copper conductor. These Earthing products are widely used in various electrical applications. We also ensure that these copper profiles are made available to strict dimensional tolerances with necessary surface treatment like electroplated tin plating and other options as demanded.

Lead Coated Copper Earthing Tape Construction

Conductor material: Bare copper tape
Sheath: Lead

Lead Covered Copper Earthing Tape Physical Properties

Thickness of lead sheath 2.5mm
Electrical resistance of copper at 20°C 0.0176Wmm2/m
Copper melting point 1083°C
Lead melting point 327°C
Current density at which the conductor temperature rises
from 40°C to 150°C in a time of 1 s if all heat is retained in conductor

Lead Covered Copper Earthing Tape Specification

Size(mm) Amperage Rating Volume Weight CSA Standard Roll Size
25W*3T 175A 2.56kg 75mm2 50m

Lead Covered Copper Tape Roll
Lead covered copper tape 1
Lead covered copper tape 2


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