PE Coated Copper Pipe

  • PE Coated Copper Pipe and tube
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    general plumbing,similar applications,fluid transmission of cool and hot water,drinking water.

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PE Coated Copper Pipe

PE Coated Copper Pipe APPLICATION

PE Coated Copper Pipe covers hi-density extruded polyethylene protective coating for use on line pipe. and it is a field-proven dual layer system that provides superior corrosion protection with a high resistance to cathodic disbondment. This durable coating is applied with a cross-head extrusion system that produces a seamless protection that is Impervious to moisture penetration and bacterial attack.

PE Coated Copper Tube is mainly used for fluid transmission of cool and hot water and drinking water, supplied as length and roll as per EN1057, ASTM B88, AS 1432 standards. Parallel loop insulator is for cold water and gear-shaped loop tube is for thermal water

Color code: White, Yellow and Green.

PE Coated Copper Pipe Standard: EN1057, ASTM B88

PE Coated Copper Pipe Feature:

different plastic color , like single color, double-color, three color ;
plastic-coated tube has parallel loop and gear-shapped loop;
we can make words in the surface of plasitc tube according to customer demand;

PE Coated Copper Pipe Package:

The pipe bundled with plastic bag, then put in the container,The Coil packed with carton, then put in the container.

PE Coated Copper Pipe Physical Properties of Copper Tube

Copper Alloy No. chemical composition temper mechanical property
C12200 99.90 0.015-0.040 H58 ≥250 /
C12200 99.90 0.015-0.040 O60 ≥205 /

PE Coated Copper Pipe Specifications(for reference only)

DN OD Thickness Gear-shaped loop Pearallel loop Foam Maximum deviation Length Maximum deviation
(MM) (MM) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (m) (mm)
15 15 0.7 18.6 17 21.5 ± 0.20 2.9-5.8 0-10
20 22 0.9 25.6 24 28.5
25 28 31.6 30 /
32 35 1.2 / 37.6 / ± 0.30
40 42 / 44.6 /
50 54 / 56.8 / ± 0.40
65 67 / 69.8 /
80 76 1.5 / 78.8 / ± 0.50


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