Welding Cable

Welding Cable is specially designed to resist high heat and provide excellent protection in harsh welding applications.The welding cables has PCP Rubber Sheath and can protect the conductors from chemicals,abrasion,oils,impact,ozone,tearing,flame and heat.Super flexible welding cables are also available to meet the most demanding needs for flexibility and abrasion resistance.

These cables are intended for transmission high currents between the welding generator and the electrode.They are used in various applications,including manual or automated welding lines and spot welding.These cables are with rated voltage up to 100V and widely used in automotive and ship building.

As a leading exporter and supplier of welding cable, Hybird Resources supplies welding cable including H01N2-D, H01N2-E and 0361TQ. These arc welding single core low voltage harmonized cables supersede those previously manufactured as per standards like BS 638 Part 4, CENELEC HD22.6 and VDE-0282-6.

H01N2-D and H01N2-E are flexible cables, but H01N2-E is more flexible and is the preferred choice for applications where need additional flexibility.This robust welding cable can worked at -40℃ to +85℃ when fixed installed and -20℃ to +85℃ while mobile used.They are resistant to ozone, radiation, oils, acids, fats and petrol. They are flame retardant and resistant to the hot particles emitted as part of the welding process.

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