Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

Electric Vehicle Charging Cables – Hybird Resources Electric Vehicle Charging Cable is a recently emerged low voltage electrical equipment cable and wires.Its technical requirements are different from traditional cable and wires. Nowadays, Electric Vehicle Technology has become the focus technology for auto industry to deal with the environment pollution and relief energy crises.Each country and major car manufacturers in the […] Read More

Rubber Welding Cable

Welding Cable Introduction

What is welding cable? Welding Cable,so called welding lead, is intended for supplying power to an electrode in electrical arc welding application.It is specially designed metal rod,that conducts a charge.The charge carried by the electrode is required to make an electric arc,that heat sources,between electrode and the metals or other welding materials,being welded.welding cable,usually is […] Read More

Harmonised Cable Core Colours

Harmonised Cable Core Colours 1 Introduction The requirements of BS 7671 were harmonized with the technical intent of CENELEC Standard HD 384.5.514: Identification, including 514.3: Identification of conductors, now withdrawn. Amendment No 2: 2004 (AMD 14905) to BS 7671:2001 implemented the following: The harmonized cable core colours and the alphanumeric marking of the following standards: […] Read More

How to Calculate Voltage Drop

Voltage drop describes how the supplied energy of a voltage source is reduced as electric current moves through the passive elements (elements that do not supply voltage) of an electrical circuit. Voltage drops across internal resistances of the source, across conductors, across contacts, and across connectors are undesired; supplied energy is lost (dissipated). The voltage […] Read More

Conductor Stranding IEC 60228 VDE 0295

Stranded conductors are composed of un-insulated “strands” of wire twisted together. The advantages of stranded conductor over a single strand of equal cross-section are increased flexibility and flex-fatigue life.Below,you could refer to main international and national standard of how the conductor shall be stranded. Class 1 Solid Conductor Stranding IEC 60228 VDE 0295 Cross-section […] Read More